Why does returning RePacks really matter?

There are two crucial points when you want to assure reuse: a well-designed packaging, and a smart return method. 

We designed RePacks to last at least 40 cycles. That is why it's made from durable, long-lasting material that is fully recyclable too! Read more. 

The smartness lies in our Reward Program, designed to make sure people remember to send RePack back.

With this in place, we need people to play their part and return their RePacks. RePack's can be returned at your convenience, be it this week or even two years from now. Return is prepaid, so no need to worry about the return costs. 

Not all bags come back directly to us; some RePack's are returned directly back to RePack-using brands as customer returns. Customer returns are reused by the brands for new customer deliveries, saving the need to use yet another single-use packaging.