What is the RePack Reward Program and how does it work?

As reusable packaging is still a novelty in e-commerce, we believe rewards are a crucial tool to implement and normalize reusable packaging!

This is why we created the Reward Program, to give people an incentive to return their empty RePack. 

How does it work?

Suppose you’re a customer.

  • You order a new shirt from your favorite brand and receive it in a RePack.
  • Once you return your empty RePack and we collected it, we will grant you access to our “Marketplace, a platform where all participating stores are listed.
  • From there, you can pick “1” reward from any store listed. It can be the same brand, for a new t-shirt, but why not try out a brand you don’t know yet? 

Users will have access to the marketplace until they picked a reward, there's no rush!