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Offer reusable packaging on your online store to reduce your environmental impact. Exceed customers' expectations at delivery without breaking the bank.

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They already adopted RePack

Make an Impression

Customers who receive your products in a RePack will love and value the unique experience.

Break Free from Single-use

Forget about packaging sourcing  and pricing challenges by no longer relying on single-use.

Reduce your Footprint

Lower the impact of your online orders by using RePack instead of single-use alternatives.

How to use RePack bags for your E-Commerce deliveries?

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  • Lease the RePack bags from us
  • Customers choose RePack on your checkout
  • Ship to your customers in RePacks
  • Customers return the empty RePacks to the RePack hub from anywhere in the world
  • Product returns come back to you in RePack
  • We take care of reverse logistics and cleaning
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Sustainable but ̶e̶x̶p̶e̶n̶s̶i̶v̶e̶

For the best impact, we recommend offering RePack as an option to customers at checkout.

How to price RePack to your customers?

Brands usually ask consumers 1 to 3€/$, covering all, or some of the RePack cost.

Order the right amount of cycles

RePack use cycles are sold per batch of 100 units. To get started, we recommend ordering 30% of your usual packaging needs for 2 months.

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How to offer RePack on your website?

"The Repack integrations shows great results: more than 30%
of your customers will choose and love this option"

RePack Shopify Pop-up

RePack's integrations allow the customer to choose between single-use and reusable packaging before checkout.

It’s a simple, user-friendly feature that can easily be added to the customer journey but comes with a big impact.

Shopify Integration RePack
Woocommerce Integration RePack
My CashFlow Integration RePack
Integrate RePack on your own

Blissim - They do it with RePack

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Blissim successfully integrated the RePack option on their website, and quickly reached their objectives.

  • Affordable solution by sharing the cost with RePack users
  • Successful implementation with more than 10.000 orders shipped in RePack with the support of the RePack team
  • 75 % return rate and great customer feedback, by reflecting their client's growing sustainability standards
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