Getting started with RePack

Are you looking to replace single-use packaging in your e-commerce operation?


This is how our reuse as a service works.

RePack world
Packing with RePack

Ready to get started?


With your first order, you receive reusable bags, detailed packing guides and your preferred RePack sealing method.


Packing process is designed to minimise material use while being easy to handle to guarantee a safe delivery.

Packing with RePack
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RePack packaging

Size matters


And RePack comes in three to fit a wide range of products

Pack your bags


Use the velcro to adjust and never ship any air again

RePack goods
RePack note

Insert the note


A nice card inside the bag helps to increase the return rate

RePack flap

Hide the flap


Just make sure the RePack return label is not hanging out for all to see

RePack sealing

Seal it for safety


Use your preferred sealing option: clear tape, sticker or document pouch

RePack note

Why insert a note inside?


For most online shoppers it will be their first-ever reuse experience and so let's make it a good one.


Simply add a note that gives clear instructions on how to return the empty RePack or how to make a product return. 


The note helps to keep the empty RePack return rate high and your customers happy,

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Offering RePack on your webstore

No matter if you're offering RePack to all your customers, or make it an option, our solutions make it effortless.


See our different integrations options below, based on how RePack is offered on your website. 

Offering RePack
Shopify logo integration at Hopaal, with 30% selection rate
Explore our Shopify Integration

Offer RePack as an option on your website


With our integrations, you can expect 1/3 of your customers to choose reuse over single-use!


Brands usually ask for a fee between 1€ and 4€, covering some or all of the packaging cost.


This makes RePack not only a way to reduce your trash footprint and enhance the customer experience, but also a really smart investment.

Klarna Shipping Assistant now offers the possibility to offer RePack reusable packaging as a sustainable shipping option.


KSA is a service within Klarna Checkout, which enables the merchant to display shipping options and shipping prices within Klarnas user-friendly checkout module.

Klarna X RePack

Not using Shopify or Klarna? No problem!


Countless brands successfully offer RePack through various platforms. We offer thorough guidance to help you make the most of our service for your brand.

Banish single use

Banish single-use altogether


Like the brands below, you can go big and go trash free with your online orders, ensuring your brand effectively reduces its trash footprint.

Makia logo Softstar logo Purewaste logo

RePack Closed Loop

Do you have a rental or circular business?
Meet RePack Closed-loop, our new monthly packaging rental service, designed to meet your needs.

Frequently asked questions

What happens to RePacks after shipped?


Two options


(1)  Returned to RePack where they will be checked and cleaned.


You place a new order when you're out of stock.


(2) Returned to you if your customer makes a product return.


Simply reuse the returned RePack.

RePack cycle
RePack reward system

What is the RePack Reward System?


With our optional Reward Program, you can reward those that do good. 


A great experience AND a reward will give happy customers plenty of reasons to come back!

Upgrade your customer experience

What is the environmental impact of RePack?


Every returned RePack reduces trash and removes the need to manufacture new packaging.


Returns have a small carbon footprint too. On average an empty RePack return in Europe has a footprint of 36g of CO2, the equivalent of a letter.


We sort, check and clean all returned RePacks. If too damaged to be reused, we upcycle or recycle them into new products. The rest is cleaned and added back to our shop for you to place your next order.

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RePack environmental impact

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