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RePack for
Internal Shipments

When it comes to the packaging used in your internal shipments, RePack is the right balance between convenience and sustainability.

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They already adopted RePack

Break free from Single-use

Limit operational risks by taking back control over the rising costs and shortage of packaging.

Support Sustainable Shift

RePack contributes to internal mindset change within the company towards sustainability.

Reduce your Footprint

By repeatedly reusing the same packaging you easily reduce CO2 emissions and cut waste.

How to use RePack bags for your internal shipments?

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  • Rent the RePack bags for a low monthly fee.
  • Exchange RePack bags back and forth for your internal deliveries.
  • You keep control of deliveries, reverse logistics, and cleaning when needed.
  • Be sure to never run out of stock with our monthly top-ups and asset tracking.
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From 0.85€/0.90$ per bag

Why deal with head-scratching packaging sourcing challenges when you could save time, money, and headaches with reusable packaging?

Get ready to forget about:

  • Rapidly rising costs
  • Packaging shortage
  • Unreliable lead time
  • Waste management costs

Hello peace of mind with RePack

  • Secured packaging stock
  • Controlled costs
  • 99% less waste
  • Insanely better environmental impact

Our monthly fee is based on your contract length and the volume you need.

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GANNI - They do internal deliveries with RePack

Ganni Internal Deliveries RePack

GANNI uses RePack for all internal staff orders.

  • Supports the company's sustainable goals
  • Eliminates unnecessary waste
  • Streamlined internal deliveries process
  • Removed constraints on packaging sourcing & waste management
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