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When it comes to the packaging used in your Click & Collect deliveries, RePack is the right balance between convenience and sustainability.

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How RePack benefits Customers, Businesses, and the Planet

Break free from Single-use

Put a lid on packaging operational risks and rising costs by renting reusable packaging.  

Make an Impression

Give your customers a satisfying zero-waste experience when collecting their online orders in your store. 

Reduce your Footprint

Reuse the same packaging over and over to easily reduce CO2 emissions and cut waste.

How to use RePack bags for your Click & Collect deliveries?

  • Rent the RePack bags for a low monthly fee.
  • Exchange RePack bags back and forth within your Click & Collect deliveries.
  • Control deliveries, reverse logistics and cleaning if needed.
  • Be sure to never run out of stock with our monthly top-ups and asset tracking.
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Decathlon Canada - They do it with RePack

”World is drowning in useless packaging – thats why we hope more and more RePacks are delivered” Petri Pesonen, Creative Director, Finlayson (3)
Decathlon Canada prepares all Click & Collect orders with RePack bags with minimum effort and maximum impact!
  • Streamlined Click & Collect process
  • Removed constraints on packaging sourcing & waste management
  • Meaningful impact, with ~30 000 single-use plastic bags avoided



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